Echoes Of Mercy And Hope Foundation


Residents of the home will be taken through the following programs which are intended to bring about individualized change and also enhance the development of certain skills that would help them become responsible young adults.

Vocational Training
Literacy Education: basic reading and writing skills, arithmetic and rudimentary business education.
Life Skills Training - Each young woman receives training in the areas of cooking, cleaning, managing a home environment, and managing a budget. These skills are taught in a class format and in a practical way, as each person is responsible for assigned chores in the home.
Value Reinforcement - Each young woman gets classroom teachings in areas such as forgiveness, anger management, setting boundaries, and other global principles to be applied in specific counselling situations. Many resources are used from renowned teachers such as Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Jordan Rubin, Joyce Meyer, and Dave Ramsey.
Bible Classes - Each young woman participates in daily worship and Bible reading. Many powerful speakers and Christian music artists come in person to teach the residents as well.