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Not at all, it is open to everyone that meets the criteria.
Admission will be restricted to the number of spaces available, the home can accommodate a maximum of 20 girls, the maximum time period of each girl will be six months, from research we note most similar homes actually have a waiting list. However, if there are urgent cases and there are spaces available they will be giving priority over the waiting list.
Yes, the home would provide them with an opportunity to heal and get back on their feet, and be reintegrated back into society and to their families.
Yes, EMHF has already developed close links with other agencies like heritage homes orphanage, PBOF foundation, each case will be looked into by a team of specialists, counsellors, and will be dealt with based on the facts and the circumstances of the case.
On admission each girl will be allocated a case officer/counsellor with experience in that field of abuse.
No there is no fixed tenor. EMHF is a transitional home, some girls when ready can leave before 6 months to another home or NGO. The maximum time allowed by the government is 6 months.
EMHF will not have the facilities to deal with such delicate cases.
Any subsequent re-integration would be at the consent of the girl first and foremost, if the immediate environment is dangerous other options will be considered within the framework of the law and other re-integration avenues like adoption, foster home and orphanage will be considered.
Short term funding and longterm funding, website Contributions, yearly fundraising, govt grants, funds from overseas are our major sponsors.
Yes,The Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju - Nigeria& Tree of Life International Churches.
By providing professional expertise, fund raising, creating an awareness and liaising closely with the unit heads of each department here in Nigeria.