Echoes Of Mercy And Hope Foundation

Our Programmes

Our programs are offered free- off- charge to the young females we serve based on Christian principles and teachings.We also use proven methods including counselling to address the diverse issues faced by the young women who come to our home.

The programs are divided into three broad categories with two of them designed for the young women who come to the home seeking assistance, and the third program is aimed at enlightening the various stakeholders on how they can be a part of EMHF's vision.





The Transformational Programmes include:

  • Vocational Training - such as Fashion Designing, Bead Making, Hair Dressing.
  • Literacy Education - Basic reading and writing skills, arithmetic and rudimentary business education.
  • Life Skills Training - Each young woman receives training in the areas of cooking, cleaning, managing a home environment, and managing a budget. These skills are taught in a class format and in a practical way, as each person is responsible for assigned chores in the home.
  • Value Reinforcement - Each young woman gets classroom teachings in areas such as forgiveness, anger management, setting boundaries, and other global principles to be applied in specific counseling situations. Many resources are used from renowned teachers such as Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Jordan Rubin, Joyce Meyer, and Dave Ramsey.
  • Bible Classes - Each young woman participates in daily worship and Bible reading. Many powerful speakers and Christian music artists come in person to teach the residents as well.

Integration/Re-integration Programmes

It is important to us at EMHF that the young women who pass through our program are properly re-integrated into the society and can in turn be a blessing to others.

Our re-integration strategy includes:

  • Mentorship - each girl who passes through our home will be assigned a mentor
  • Job Placements - On graduation from the home, EMHF would be willing to assist eligible young women who have demonstrated unquestionable willingness to change positively, in finding jobs commensurate to the skills they have acquired.
  • Monitoring - EMHF will, as a deliberate strategy conduct periodic evaluations after graduation to monitor progress and ensure successful re-integration into the community.


We also run advocacy programs which are targeted at educating the communities and other stakeholders in the society on the plight of the girls within our scope and advocate for them to be protected and supported.

Raising Public Awareness
The Legal Unit of Echoes of Mercy and Hope Foundation is particular about the legal aspects of the rights, welfare and protection of children, as well as curbing child abuse through the instrumentality of the Law.

We seek to raise public awareness through frequent publications of these rights, liaise with governmental and Non-governmental organisations, law makers and enforce the protection of the rights of these young girls through legal means.

The legal unit aspires to encourage the implementation of further legislation in order to ensure that all loopholes concerning these rights are plugged and that every aspect of child care is adequately catered for by the Law.